Upon log on to our website, the server writes Instalsoft'u short text file on your hard disk - it is called. cookie. With it we are able to identify you each time you log on to the sides of the business. In addition, we can see what pages of our website you recently visited. It should be noted that cookies are trustworthy. They can not be used as a code, do not carry the virus, while no personal information can not be recovered from you. Typically, we use cookies for the following purposes:

to access your user data (which are stored on our server) to allow access to security websites that are specifically intended only for registered or even specific users,
finding efficiency of the development of our online service,
Diagnostic statistics website.
Also in relation to cookies, you have the choice. By changing your browser settings, you can declare that cookies are to be always accepted or always rejected May be you informed of the cookie is saved on the disk. If you reject all cookies you risk the inability to use the Site or participate in activities of InstalSoft on our website.

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